Environmental Products

To leave "beautiful earth" for the future,
we offer what we can do

To leave "beautiful earth"
for the future,
we offer what we can do

We have built satisfying supporting system to provide environmental products and services such as installation and after sales service for solar power system and eco products.


Solar Panel Cleaning

There are some customers who are in trouble due to the amount of power generation from solar panels is significantly lower than originally predicted because of dirt such as iron powder, scale and tree sap which were not expected when the solar panels were installed.
It is necessary to use a special cleaning method against the adhered dirts that cannot be removed by water cleaning or mechanical cleaning. We have special cleaning agents and items to solve various problems related to "panel cleaning" that are important in order to maintain the solar panels.
Please try the PV chemical series.

PV Iron Remover

PV Iron Remover for solar panels

Iron Remover efficiently removes the iron powders accumulated on solar panels.

PV Iron Remover catalog

PV Hydro Coat

Coating for solar panels

PV Hydro Coat prevents the decrease in power generation from dirt accumulation on solar panel surface by utilizing rain power utmost.

Movie PV Hydro Coat catalog

PV Scale Remover

The cleaning agent is used to remove scales that are adhered on solar panels and stains that are a mixture of iron powder and minerals.

PV Scale Remover catalog

PV SP Cleaner

A cleaning agent that removes organic dirt such as tree sap, pollen, bird droppings, and soot.

PV SP Cleaner catalog