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We contribute to the innovation at manufacturing sites

We contribute to the innovation
at manufacturing sites

We have been developing and manufacturing more than 5,000 unique automation equipment to achieve high quality and highly efficient manufacturing. We develop equipment that satisfy the requirements of our customers with our unique technique developed with our manufacturing experience. We also undertake assembly works for equipment designed by customers.


I would like to build labor-saving and efficient production

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    Equipment concept

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    Development /
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Customized test handler DX series

This is a fully automatic test handler with a structure in which the transport unit and the inspection unit are separated.
We can also offer various test units according to the inspection contents of the camera module.

Actual applications of
test units

We customize the test unit according to the work and inspection environment of the customer.
  • DX1533 For the downward characteristic inspection of camera module

    • 3 Stage (6dut) type
    • Test unit
      infinity characteristic inspection / black scratch inspection / white scratch inspection
  • DX1327 For the stroke behavior measurement of camera module

    • 3 Stage (6dut) type
    • Test unit
      VCM stroke inspection / OIS (optical image stabilization) characteristic inspection
  • DX2299 For ultra wide-angle camera module

    • 2 Stage (4dut) type
    • Test unit
      Optical center inspection / black scratch inspection


  • It is possible to configure
    the test unit according
    to various objects
    and inspection contents.
  • The other packages
    would be proposed
    after consultation.
    (CSP / BGA / QFN / QFP, etc.)
  • Uniformalized object conveying section
  • Handler shape W1760 x D1230 x H2280 (mm)
  • Test unit dimension: W 940 x D700 x H1000 (mm)
  • Processing capacity: 300 - 500 (UPH)
    *This varies depending on the test unit and inspection details.

Other equipment development

  • Camera module fully
    automatic tester

  • General-purpose loader /

  • Laser solder
    mounting equipment

  • Laser welder