Our technical capabilities make one-stop support
from development to mass production possible

Our technical capabilities
make one-stop support
from development to
mass production possible

We support everything from designing, developing to mass production of radar modules which satisfy customer needs.

What is a
millimeter wave radar?

What is a millimeter wave radar?
Why do we use it?
Special characteristics?
First of all, let's see what radars do.



The millimeter wave radar shows its capabilities in various situations in our lives such as monitoring the family activities, by taking advantages of which are not easily influenced by the environment such as brightness, temperature, fog, rain and snow.

Anti-crime measure

Anti-crime measure

It can be applied as an anti-crime measure, as it detects the intrusion of suspicious person by identifying the distance and angle.

Vital sign monitoring

Vital sign monitoring

It can identify changes in medical condition by detecting breath and pulse on the bed, and thus, it can prevent accidents such as suffocation.

Safety detection

Safety detection

It can detect sudden illnesses and abnormalities while considering privacy as it is not possible to install cameras in the private places (e.g. toilet and bathroom).

Energy-saving device

Energy-saving device

Through combination with lights and home appliances, it can be applied as energy-saving device as the radar enables automatic control of power supply via detecting human activities.

To Mass Production



  1. Prior evaluation by the evaluation kit for spec formulation
  2. Proposal of methods suitable for solving problems of customers



  1. RF, antenna design
  2. Analog and digital circuit design
  3. Embedded software, FPGA design
  4. Housing, mechanical design



  1. Creating software for evaluation
  2. Various performance evaluations
  3. Reliability test
  4. Acquiring certification



  1. Development of equipment and jigs
  2. Clean room
  3. ISO9001
  4. ISO/IATF16949

We can acquire foreign certifications of radio law as well as Technical Standards Conformity Certification (Technical Standards) based on Japanese radio law. Also, at our factory, it is possible to acquire Certification of Construction Type for the mass-production.


What would be possible with radar module?

It depends on the type of radar module, basically, distance measurement, angle measurement, speed and vital data detection are possible.

I would like to have a quotation and delivery date, I am considering to purchase it.

It is available via our agents and distributors. Please refer to here.

Does the software of the radar module evaluation kit support the development environment on Linux?

Windows is the standard development environment.
Some models would support the development environment on Linux.

Do you have a radar solution which identify the location of people in dark place or where there are obstacles?

Brightness and darkness has no influence to the radar detection.
Penetration would be applicable to some of the obstacles.
It is recommended to check in the actual usage environment.

Is it possible to see the condition of a person?

Vital sensing (pulse, breathing, body movement, etc.) could be detected.
It is possible to achieve developing an application by utilizing the output of the radar module and AI for the posture and movement of a person.

Is it possible to synchronize by triggering from the outside?

External synchronization is not possible with the radar module evaluation kit.